Thursday, February 18, 2010

Funny in a Literary Sort of Way

This last Sunday, my friend Mike ( called me.  "Let's go for a ride," he said.  "Doesn't matter where."  I was getting off work and had nothing to do for the rest of the day, so I said okay.  So we took off, heading south, with no particular destination in mind.  In my mind, I was thinking that I was Sancho Panza to Mike's Don Quixote: he proposes something kinda hairbrained, and, even though I consider myself the sane one, I go along with it.  And, to be fair, it does usually turn out to be fun.  It pays to know crazy people.

The moment came, however, as we were driving south of Lowell that Mike said, in an enthusiastic voice, "I know, let's go see the windmills!"  Which prompted me to blurt out: "I knew it!  You really are Don Quixote!  I really am Sancho Panza!  Holy shit!"

Well, as it turns out, there are windmill fields south of Rensselaer, and they are very beautiful all lit up at night.   And Mike didn't attack any of them (although, if any were close to the road we were on, I'm sure he would have tried).

Here's the deserted road we stopped on to get a little relief:

I apologize to the people of Chalmers.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Forgot About #3

I forgot to mention the third book I've been considering reading.  It's a book I've been hesitating to read, which you'll completely understand when I tell you what it is, but the urge to read it has been growing in my mind.  The book is Mein Kampf by Adolf Hilter.  I've been watching the World War II channel, also known as the History Channel, which has been getting me interested in the war.  I would read the book solely for the insight into Hilter's mind and motivations, nothing else.  The Nazi's were horrible but also fascinating, kind of like watching When Animals Attack.  I don't think I'd get anything out of it personally except a satisfied curiosity, hence #3.