Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Liber Novus

I finallly received my massive copy of The Red Book by Carl Jung from  This is the book I've been waiting a long time to read.  It serves as the basis of everything Carl Jung did (and, based on the little I've read so far, it also serves as the refutation of everything he did).  I'll comment on it more after I've read it, probably after the holidays.  I tried reading some last nigh after work, but I was tired and cranky and thought Jung was being too whiny.  That is definitely not the mentality I want to be in when reading this book.

Lately, I sort of been wondering what's coming next.  It seems like mysteries are being revealed lately.  We know who Deep Throat is, for instance, and now the Red Book has been published.  Granted, a few people have been allowed to read it over the years, but Jung's family was firmly against publishing it.  It was only the fact that partial copies of the text were discovered in places outside of family control that forced them to take this step.  It was only Deep Throat's failing health that made him reveal who he was. 

It really is an interesting time to be alive (which is not necessarily a good thing).  We've seen the coming of the millennium, the electronic age, the beginning of the space age (though that seems to have stalled), and we'll get to see the end of the Mayan calendar in three years and the culmination of so much speculation.  I wonder what the next apocalypse after 2012 will be?